Ready, Steady, Go! Speed Brawl Launches Today

Speed Brawl brings its momentum-based carnage to the Xbox One today. A new take on the beat ’em up genre, Speed Brawl is all about hitting one’s enemies both hard and fast. Just throwing a punch isn’t enough in this game; in order to make it to the finish, each and every blow needs to have the full force of one’s entire being behind it. See the launch trailer below for a more complete explanation.

Beat ’em up fans can enjoy Speed Brawl as a solo experience if they so desire, but the true strength of these sorts of games lies in their multiplayer options. In this case, players can also enjoy both local and online cooperative play in addition to the single player campaign. Whether it’s with friends or all by one’s lonesome, there’s a gauntlet that needs running and an evil overlord-type that needs overthrowing. Sound good? Then give it a look.

Speed Brawl is now available for Xbox One.