Real Player Motion Comes to NHL 19

Real Player Motion has been all the talk with EA Sports recently as the company is doing its best to replicate the real sport. Today, EA showed off a trailer showcasing what players can expect from Real Player Motion in NHL 19. Hockey is a fast and reactionary sport that will benefit from having this technology in the game. The previous titles have suffered with momentum and hopefully this will allow for a more fluid game of hockey.

The new innovative animations will allow explosive-edge skating for more control, acceleration and creativity with the puck. Real Player Motion will deliver the true speed, agility and pin-point turns of the modern day NHL. Players will now be able to change direction on a whim, with the technology allowing for total command and reaction with excellent control. Player size and their attribute ratings will determine how each skater will move. This will allow for a number of ways to utilize each skater’s abilities.

The game will finally have speed advantages with smaller players allowing them to blow by defenders on the outside. For example, Patrick Kane will be able to use quick steps to evade trouble in the corners while Dustin Byfuglien will use more powerful strides and strength to get by defenders. This system will also be available in the world of CHEL where players can create their own unique identity. Different choices to height, weight and class attributes will allow for a wide variety of created skaters. Check out the trailer below about the Real Player Motion and look for NHL 19 on September 14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.