Rebellion Announces Evil Genius 2

If you were around playing strategy games on PC circa-2004, you might have come across a supervillain simulator by the name of Evil Genius that allowed you to construct and expand your evil base of operations, build a growing rank of minions as well as architect a doomsday device to help you in your overall quest for World domination. Well during their “State of Rebellion” video they’ve put out today — which outlined where the company stands at present both with their video game division as well as their other entertainment and publishing endeavors — Rebellion Developments have confirmed that a sequel to the 2004 cult title is currently in the works.

While the developer/publisher couldn’t provide any visual details or indeed footage of how the game is looking — having only recently started the very early stages of development on the project this Spring — Rebellion have confirmed that they are targeting a PC release to start with possible iterations for console to follow. The game, they reiterate, is not a remaster and is a fully-fledged sequel to the 2004 original. It’s but one more game to add to Rebellion’s growing line-up of future releases. You can check out the “State of Rebellion” interview below.