Recompile Enters Espace on August 19

As was implied during E3 2021, Dear Villagers has at last announced the release date for Recompile. Aspiring hackers on all platforms will be able to enter the Mainframe starting on August 19. The abandoned digital landscape is filled with cool sights and intriguing bits of information, but accessing all of it will require some both platforming skill and puzzle-solving ability on the part of any would-be hackers.

There’s also the security AI, which is still performing its duties despite the system’s abandonment. Getting to the heart of the Mainframe isn’t just going to be difficult, it’s going to be a real fright.

While delving into the digital world of Recompile, players can acquire upgrades for their avatar. These include everything from finding powerful weapons to gaining superpowers like flight. The avatar’s actions will also have an impact on what happens in the end, both to themselves and to the world of the Mainframe. So, it’s probably best not to break anything that looks vital.

Recompile launches on August 19 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It’ll be $19.99 on PC and $24.99 on both consoles. It’s also going to be on Game Pass, so subscribers should get it as part of their package too.