Redeemer Gets a Release Date, New Trailer Not Skimping on Gore

A few months ago, Redeemer charmed us with its enjoyably over-the-top combat and loads of insane carnage straight out of the ’90s, befitting such a brawler from back in the day that also bears the tagline “Violence Awakened.” Developers Sobaka Studio have are clearly having a lot of fun with this one, and thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer for the violence to fully awaken, as Gambitious Digital Entertainment has now announced a release date of August 1 for the game.

Redeemer follows the journey of Vasily, an ex-mercenary turned monk who now seeks revenge against the evil forces and corporations he once worked for. And as you can see in the new trailer below, said journey will be one filled with a lot of the chunky marinara indeed, as players will have Vasily perform various sets of brutal kills in order to make ti through everything. Redeemer will be hitting the PC on the first of August, so those seeking a blood-filled top-down throwback had best mark their calendars.