Redout: Space Assault Blasts Off On Consoles, PC

The perpetually under-represented 3D on-rails shooter genre gets a boost today in the form of Redout: Space Assault, which has released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The prequel to the F-Zero-style racer Redout will be priced at $9.99, with Steam gamers seeing a 10% discount for a brief time. Steam also has a Deluxe Edition available that includes the game’s OST.

Redout: Space Assault has already been available on Apple Arcade for some time. There, while certainly a great looking game, as these things go, it has been criticized for loose control, hard-to-follow action and stiff voice-acting, as well as some performance issues on certain Apple devices. Controls were also frustratingly constrained to account for touchscreens, with the understandable auto-firing mechanism still present when using an actual controller. Bafflingly, this remains on at least the Switch version, which I decided to download.

Still, the game is pretty, and will likely help a lot of people scratch that Star Fox itch, if not quite as well as the excellent ARC Squadron did before it. Here’s a very dramatic trailer for you:

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