Release Date Announced For Run-and-Gun Game Mighty Goose

Playism have been celebrating their tenth anniversary this weekend with a hefty chunk of announcements, and one of them is a bit more offbeat than what we’ve previously seen from the publisher. It’s the release date for Mighty Goose, a run-and-gun title from developers Blastmode and MP2 Games that’s in the same vein as classic titles like Contra, except you’re playing as the titular goose. And while not calling the whole thing “Guntitled Goose Game” feels like a missed opportunity, everything else about this action game feels rock solid.

Mighty Goose might not exactly boast the most complex plot, being a simple tale about our hero having to take down the evil Void King, who currently rules over the galaxy with a massive army. But what it can boast is a huge amount of weapons, enemies, secrets, and a ton of classic arcade action in general, plus local multiplayer that allows for co-op, if you want to share the comical mayhem with a friend. Previously announced as a PC release, Mighty Goose will also now be be hitting the Switch, XB1, PS4, and PS5 on June 5, so players looking for more goose-based games should keep a look out for it then.