October Release Date Announced For Solar Ash

Some might say it’s almost impossible to follow up a game as acclaimed as Hyper Light Drifter, but everything we’ve seen of Solar Ash so far suggests that Heart Machine is more than up to the task. The only thing we haven’t seen yet from this lightning-quick third-person action game, though, is a release date. But all of that changed with today’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, which finally revealed that Solar Ash will be due out this October, courtesy of the trailer below.

The clip shows off more of what the game has been known for by know, with a lot of surreal landscapes, giant creatures, and skating, grinding, and leaping across vast instances as you make your way through the Void in an attempt to stop our protagonist Rei’s homeworld from being devoured, evoking some of the same vibes as Heart Machine’s previous title when it comes to its blend of speed and action. And it all ends with an ominous crush and the date of October 26, when we can expect Solar Ash to finally arrive for PS5, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store.