Relic Hunters Legend Kickstarter Launches with Animated Trailer

Trailers are nice and all but they’re usually gameplay clips set to music designed to sell the tone of the game.  Kickstarter trailers frequently have the pitch in there somewhere, usually at the end but not always.  Relic Hunters Legend, on the other hand, decided that was boring so made a full four-minute animated short to kick off its crowdfunding ambitions. It’s a bit saturday-morning-cartoon (or mid-afternoon Cartoon Network?) but still a fun way to introduce the characters and their world while squeezing in a bit of game advertising in the middle.  The mini-cartoon joins a three-part comic released earlier that set up the plot, making for a fun little multimedia lead-in to the Kickstarter campaign.

Relic Hunters Legend is the sequel to Relic Hunters Zero, and like its prequel the game is going to be free.  Free-ish, at any rate. Free-to-play is normally is cause for concern but Zero was no-strings-attached free and got regular content updates, so the developer has a good track record, plus there’s a manifesto at the site that explains F2P plans a little more clearly.  Whether you decide to sink cash into the game or not, though, players can expect a randomized overworld with hand-built dungeons designed to be taken on by groups of up to four friends at once, with a full story campaign featuring unique missions for each character.  It’s a much bigger and more ornate setup than Relic Hunters Zero was, featuring levels of varying heights and greater opportunities for tactics like firing from cover or raining grenades down on advancing enemies, depending on who you’re playing as.  It’s a new universe for the Relic Hunters to explore, but they need to get through the Kickstarter campaign first to see it.