Resident Evil VII Coming to Switch in Japan via the Cloud

Resident Evil VII has been rumored for the Switch before, but no one ever thought it could come to the Switch based on the power level of the game. Capcom has announced that Resident Evil VII will be coming to the Switch in Japan fairly soon via the cloud. The game itself will only be a 45MB download for the system, but the big catch is that you need to stream this highly-powerful game via Capcom’s servers. You can only play it with an online connection and you would need a reasonably good network speed in order to ensure that it is a fully playable experience. The game will be sold to players via a ticket for around $20 USD via the yen conversion for 180 days – so it’s a bit strange even in that form. If this method is successful, maybe we’ll see more AAA-level games that simply can’t run on the Switch being at least playable on the device in this form. This launches on the Japanese eShop on May 24, with no releases in other markets currently announced.