Retro Platformer Cathedral Arrives for Switch Next Week

Originally released for the PC in 2019, Decemberborn Interactive’s metroidvania game Cathedral appears to have gotten a bit unnoticed at the time, lost amongst a horde of other retro platformers. But if there’s one thing that gamers have made clear over these past few years, it’s that their heads will immediately turn back toward any forgotten game as long as they hear the magic words: “Switch port.” And thanks to the help of developers Elden Pixels (best known for their Alwa’s Awakening games) acting as the publisher, Cathedral is now set to hit the Switch next week, as seen in the release trailer here.

Cathedral sees our knight protagonist waking up in a vast fantasy world different from their own, with no memory of how they got there. Teaming up with a spirit known as Soul, they’ll hunt through over six hundred rooms in a large interconnected world in order to find the five elemental orbs they need in order unlock more secrets about this world and themselves, hopefully returning them home in the process. And alongside the release trailer, a fifteen-minute gameplay clip is also here to show off even more of the game, which you check out below. If it entices you enough, you can grab Cathedral when it comes out on February 18 for the Switch, with a twenty percent discount if you pre-order (or you can always just grab a PC copy right now via Steam or GOG, if you really can’t wait any longer).