Revive a Decrepit World to Survive the Pending Winterfall

Late summer is a wonderful time of year but there’s no denying the warmth is running out of the world.  The sun sets earlier, it’s easier to be outside and active, and in a few short weeks the temperature is going to fall off a cliff and start delivering outright chilly nights.  The kingdom of Anor is heading to its end, and as the ages march on the world gets colder and more hostile.  The first teaser trailer was just released showing life in warmer times, but the world of Winterfall won’t always be so inviting.

Winterfall is a game early in development that takes its cues from sources as diverse as Skyrim, DayZ, and even The Sims.  You control a single character in an action-RPG setting, exploring the world while searching out lore, earning a reputation, and building a legend for yourself.  Then you either complete the quest or die, and start a new life as a new character from your House.  The actions of the previous life either enhance or diminish the House’s standing, so leaving a legacy of a reinvigorated world should be just as important as beating up monsters.  The coming age is a dark and wintery one, and the more of Anor you revive the better the odds of survival.  Creating the world and its interactions is an ambitious goal, and the teaser trailer shows it off in various stages of development.  Check it out below while trying to avoid thinking of any quotes regarding winter and its pending arrival.