Rhythm Gaming with a World Beat in Turtoa Gameplay Trailer

It’s a huge world and there’s a lot of music in it, most of which gets locked to the region it comes from.  American pop culture may have a global reach but everywhere else tends to be stuck within a much smaller area, whether or not it wants or deserves to.  Turtoa: Global Rhyrhm is a music game that plucks its tunes from all across the globe, with artists from both North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, India, and anywhere else people create new sounds.  It initially came out on iOS/Android a while back but a PC version has been in the works for a while, getting slowly closer to completion as the months roll by.  As proof of life, a new video was released today showing a full song from start to finish on the Maestro level of difficulty.

Very similar to DJ Max and others of its type, the PC (and Mac) version of Turtoa plays by hitting the right note as it comes down the lane, albeit differently from the mobile version.  While the mobile Turtoa takes full advantage of the touch screen, its note charts had to be nearly completely rebuilt for keyboard controls.  The long sustain notes no longer snake left to right and back again, but instead you can get several running at once.  This also holds true for the beautifully colored standard turtle notes, because it’s much easier to hit a whole pile all at once when your hands aren’t holding the device you’re playing on.  If the video below catches your interest there’s a demo on Steam you can check out, and the mobile version is also free-to-play, ad supported for the songs that aren’t unlocked and far too cheap if you just want to buy it outright.  Give a watch to the video below, and remember that the song is just one of the many styles of music plucked from around the world to give the endless note-rain of Turtoa its groove.

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