Ride to Hell Universe Expands with Route 666, Beatdown

Deep Silver really wants Ride to Hell to be a franchise. Besides centerpiece title Ride to Hell: Retribution, which we recently found out is home to some unfortunate production values, we now have mobile game Ride to Hell: Beatdown, plus XBLA, PSN, Steam title, Ride to Hell: Route 666. Billed as the “world’s first real time tactics beat’em up,” players take the roll of a motorcycle commander, ordering bikers in formations and recruiting new members into gangs. Taking place on Route 66, the game features cell shaded-esque graphics in a competition for supremacy.

Quite honestly, a tactics-based Harley game has our interest piqued, but we’re not sure if that’s because the idea is revolutionary or just plain misguided. A trailer was released to show off the release and while it looks graphically strong, it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly how this will all play out.

We’ll know for sure this summer when the digital download is released.