Rise & Shine to Deliver Meta Mayhem on January 13

Creating a video game that is itself meant to be parody/homage to video games in general can be quite tricky. Done well, you can have a highly enjoyable romp with some genuinely good gaming humor. Done poorly, and you wind up with a mess of game using some weak lampshade hanging to try and disguise its own mediocrity. Thankfully, developers Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team have been working as hard as possible to aim for the former outcome and create a proper ode to everything they love about video games with their upcoming title, Rise & Shine, and we’ll see if they succeeded soon enough when it sees a release on January 13, courtesy of Adult Swim Games.

Set in the video game world of Gamearth, an invasion by the space grunts of Nexgen sees our hero, a young boy name Rise, team up with a talking gun named Shine to fight them off and bring Gamearth back to its former glory. Rise & Shine is described as containing elements of arcade shooters, bullet hell games, and puzzle-platformers (thanks largely in part to the different add-ons and types of bullets Shine can gain over the course of the game), all of which are heavily emphasized in the new trailer seen below. The video does have an odd absence of its gaming humor, though (save for a familiar dog), but it still looks quite impressive nonetheless, so here’s hope Rise & Shine delivers when it comes out on January 13 for PC and Xbox One.