Rising Star Games Announces Conga Master For PC and Consoles

Well, this year alone we’ve already seen Anarcute and Okhlos satisfy our needs for Katamari Damacy-style games about building up massive groups of people, but there’s always room for one more. This time, however, we’re moving away from angry mobs over to something a bit more innocent, as this odd subgenre reaches finally gets around to the inevitable with Conga Master, a game about creating the world’s most epic conga line.

Developed by the Barcelona-based Undercoders and set to be released by Rising Star Games, Conga Master was a result of an entry to the well-known Ludum Dare event, where it was a huge success. Now fleshed-out into a full game, players will compete in either a single-player campaign or multiplayer modes revolving around crafting an impressive lineup of partygoers, as seen in the announcement trailer below. Conga Master is due out for PC on September 14, with console releases to follow in 2017, so those intrigued by party games and/or games about parties should start preparing for it.