Road 96 Begins Its Trip On August 16

With things finally starting to return to some version of normal around the world and more travel options starting to re-appear again, don’t you feel like it’s time to escape to somewhere exotic? Well, how about the nation of Petria? As seen in the video below, they’re certainly looking for more tourists to explore their self-proclaimed totalitarian paradise! And hey, it sure does look like Petria has a lot of interesting people to meet, fun activities to check out, and plenty of things to do…including escaping from or even toppling an oppressive regime.

This is all part of the release date trailer for Road 96, DigixArt’s upcoming adventure game about one teenager’s attempts to escape Petria in an alternate 1996, which sees you traveling through a procedurally generated journey with several different outcomes, and several different bits of gameplay. The demo from the recent Steam Next Fest seemed to win over a lot of folks (including this writer), so it looks like Road 96 should hopefully make for a memorable trip when it arrives for the PC and Switch on August 16, with a special Hitchhiker Bundle available that also includes a copy of the game’s official soundtrack and a prologue that – appropriately enough – takes the form of a choose-your-own-adventure digital game book, for those who want the journey to last a little longer.