Rogue Lords Unleashes Evil on September 30

This past year may have seen the release of Evil Genius 2, but developers Cyanide and Leikir Studio want you to step into the shoes of some more legendary evil geniuses as well with their new game, Rogue Lords. Described as “the greatest disciples of evil” by the Devil themselves in the trailer below, the game lets you control likes of Baron Samedi, Dr. Frankenstein, Hecate, and more as you set out to spread terror across the land. And those in a terror-spreading mood will be happy to know that Rouge Lords will be due out in just a couple of months, arriving on September 30.

The release date trailer also showed off some some of the turn-based roguelike’s gameplay, with an emphasis on the ability to potentially cheat your way to victory while also finding ways to beef up your disciples and to have their skills properly work together. With its fun-looking gameplay and villainy-based hook, Rogue Lords could possibly make for a devilish treat when it arrives in September on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with PS4, XB1, and Switch versions to follow at a later date.

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