Roguebook Shows Off Combat Ahead of June 17 Release

Nacon and Abrakam Entertainment’s upcoming deck-building roguelike, Roguebook, impressed us quite a bit earlier this year, and it impressed others with its demo as well. But in case you missed your chance to try it out and still want to prepare for its release in a couple of weeks, then the latest trailers for the game have you covered. Last week saw a clip that took a look at the deck-building side of things, and this week sees a showcase of the game’s combat, which you can check out below.

The focus is on the four heroes in the game, and how each of them has their own unique cards and different play styles. Sharra is a straightforward attacker, Sorocco is a rather heavy fellow who excels at blocking and defense, Aurora is the one who can cast spells that can benefit you, and Seifer has rage that allows them to excel at retaliation. Players will choose a team of two heroes for each run, and then try and figure out a proper synergy between them, deciding who should take the lead at certain points in each battle. And as the game reminds you at the end, numerous deaths mean that you will have many, many chances to learn what combination of combat techniques works best for you. Roguebook arrives on June 17 for PC, with versions for all major consoles set for later.