Roguelike FPS Immortal Redneck Heading to Consoles

Despite their seemingly random and procedural nature, roguelikes can still throw up an enjoyable affair now and again. Last year’s Immortal Redneck, which released solely for PC, was one of these with its fast-paced Serious Sam-esque shooting and increasing difficulty as the faceless redneck, that is the player-character, makes his way up each level of a pyramid accompanied by both guns and godly perks alike.

Now the game, created by developer Crema, will be making its way to consoles fairly soon with a release window of Q1 2018 penned for the Switch version with both PS4 & Xbox One versions are dated even sooner and more specifically, for February 28. Check out the game’s console trailer below and be sure to check out our review of the game’s original PC release right here.

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