Rust Racers Closed Alpha Coming April 30

It’s nothing new for a game to be inspired by Mad Max – over the past 30 years, we have seen games use it as an inspiration for a post-apocalyptic setting. Rust Racers is the first driving-centric game inspired by it that I can recall, with a touch of Twisted Metal thrown into the mix as well. With MMOBA features fast-paced action as you set out to destroy everyone who challenges you in the arena.

The full game is set for a PC release later this year and the first 1,000 people who join the Discord server for the alpha will get a key for the full game. Vehicles can be modified to suit you r play style, and will use some procedural generation to help keep things fresh. With car combat games being something that aren’t featured a lot nowadays, Rust Racers has a really good chance at stounding out and should do really well with folks craving more vehicular mayhem in their gaming sessions.

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