Sakuna Trailer Totes Combat, Farming

A slick presentation goes a long way and Sakuna’s mix of farming and platforming combat may just be a nice mix for those looking for a fair bit of both. As a goddess of harvest, Sakuna looks after an island of outcasts by defeating demons while also planting and raising food off the land. While much of the platforming and combat occurs in a 2D plane, the agriculture takes to the 3D plane, encompassing a different feel and pace. Maybe unexpected, the 3D models that make up this experience add a flavor to this assortment of farming that is unfortunately a tad rare these days. Don’t be swayed by all the talk of farming though, Sakuna features a pretty involved real-time combat system complete with aggressive air-juggling, dashing, and the obligatory excess of slashing.

See the E3 2017 trailer of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin below. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is set to hit PlayStation 4 sometime next year.