Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! Gets Oculus Quest Release Date

While we wait for Skunkape Games to finish remastering the second and third seasons of their Telltale adventures, Sam and Max have decided to try venturing out into virtual reality with Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!, a VR game that sees you playing as a potential new recruit for the Freelance Police Academy. Players will have to make their way through a series of simulations designed to test how you’d perform in a regular Freelance Police scenario such as a shooting gallery, obstacle course, or escape room, the latter seen in the gameplay preview below from the recent Upload VR showcase.

For those worried about developers HappyGiant not doing the legendary duo justice, then be rest assured that they have help from creator Steve Purcell, who not only is consulting on the story, art, and game design, but will even be voicing one of the game’s characters, theme park creator Duncan B. Dills. And with the reveal of a July 8 release date for Oculus Quest, players there won’t have to wait long to check out Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!, although versions for SteamVR and Viveport Infinity will arrive later this year, with a PSVR version set for early 2022.