Samurai Punk to Fire Off With The American Dream Next Week

The American Dream has been one of VR’s most promising shooters ever since it was showcased back in 2016, offering up what appears to be clever and satirical looks at America’s obsession with gun culture. And in what can arguably be a rather timely release, we won’t have to wait soon to see Australia-based developers Samurai Punk take shots at the obsession over firearms, as this particular snarky shooting gallery is now set to be released on March 14.

Taking the form of a world’s fair attraction from the 1950s, The American Dream showcases a world in which every single chore and aspect of American life is carried out with guns, as players shoot pistols to flip burgers, drive cars, change diapers, and even eat their meals. As seen in the live-action trailer below from last year, such a life is both comedic and unsettling, in a tone the game aims to get across over twenty-plus stages. The American Dream will be hitting PC and PS4 next week on March 14, and we’ll see then if the satire is indeed dead-on.