Scarecrow Whips up a Batch of Fear in Latest Injustice 2 Trailer

Scarecrow is coming to Injustice 2, and he’s brought a some of his classic fear toxin to the fight.

Revealed a few weeks ago, Scarecrow is one of the 27 confirmed playable characters in Injustice 2. The classic Batman villain will make his playable debut in the Injustice universe in May, and he’s bringing some fear toxin to the fight.

In Injustice 2, Scarecrow is an anarchist obsessed with studying fear. During the game’s events, Scarecrow joins the Society in order to sow panic on a global scale. It’ll be interesting to see the character is implemented as, canonically, he was believed to have died prior to the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us. In Injustice 2, Scarecrow uses a scythe connected to a chain to attack his enemies up close and from a distance. He is capable of teleporting behind enemies, rushing them, and spraying them with some form of his toxin. He does look quite terrifying when performing his supermove.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4 and Xbox One.