Sci-Fi Title From Ex-Playdead Co-Founder Debuts First Teaser

When Playdead Co-Founder Dino Patti announced his departure from the studio behind Limbo and Inside, many were curious what Patti would work on next.

Almost a year later, we have our answer, as Patti has partnered with film industry specialist Chris Olsen to create a new studio called Jumpship, as well as their debut title, Somerville, which has a teaser that can be seen below. Having been in-development by Olsen since 2014, Somerville is a sci-fi title set in “the wake of a global catastrophe”, and seems to feature the same style of side-scrolling gameplay that Patti has helped revitalize over the past decade.

Somerville currently has no release window or announced platforms, but stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more on the title.