Sea of Stars Now Setting Sights on Xbox

Sabotage Studio’s much-anticipated RPG Sea of Stars arrives this August, but you may have noticed that when we reported on its release date, one particular name was missing from the list of platforms that the game would be released for. Yes, Sea of Stars hasn’t been set for a release on Xbox platforms…until now, when it was recently announced that the game would be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X at launch, allowing Xbox fans to experience this nostalgic follow-up to The Messenger as well.

The announcement was soon accompanied by a short little clip below informing us that, indeed, the game’s roster of launch platforms is now completed and locked in, meaning that we can now officially say that Sea of Stars will be arriving for all major platforms on August 29. In addition, it was revealed that the playable demo currently available on Switch will also be headed to the other platforms sometime later this year as well. So one way or another, big or small, fans across all platforms will definitely have something to look forward to.