Seafaring RPG ‘Overfall’ Three Days Into Kickstarter Campaign

Developed by Turkish game studio Pera Games, Overfall is an open-world role-playing game with a hand-drawn aesthetic.

The randomly generated open world is essentially a vast sea dotted with rows of islands, each island a unique locale for players to explore and encounter in open-ended ways. Players choose to play as two of nine hero classes (your Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Wizard, and the like) in service to the human lord Everking, who sends the player characters through an otherworldly portal to claim a powerful artifact. The artifact’s guardians, the Vorn, are not happy about this and so invade the player’s world. The resulting conflict puts the player on a new quest to find their missing ruler and, of course, save the world.

The high-fantasy ocean world of Overfall, called Dys, is populated with your typical Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves, but also mixed up with more elaborate races like the Forsaken, or the Hollows. Every race is meant to have a nice political backstory that determines their relationships with the other races. More importantly though, the faction backstories are the foundations for Overfall’s emergent gameplay systems. Player choice is supposed to determine what the player actually experiences, this means that Overfall is one of those RPGs where the richness of the game experience is directly proportional with how involved the player wants to get with the watery world of Dys – be it by pirate hunting, forming alliances with Dys’ factions, or exploring spooky, dangerous islands like an even more suicidal Jack Sparrow.

Combat in Overfall is turn-based. It has three phases: mobility, utility, and everyone’s favorite: attack. As expected, every class will have unique abilities, but these abilities can also be chained together into cross-class combos. Movement in combat happens on a hexagonal grid and preferably done via a character’s skills. Roguelike fans will be happy to know that Overfall features permanent death. Though you can keep your unlocks from before your untimely demise, you will have to start over from the beginning with a newly generated world to go through.

RPG fans should have a lot to like about Overfall, assuming it gets funded and turns out as well as it can. Right now, the game’s Kickstarter campaign has 28 days left and is at $18,062 of its $65,000 goal.

Pique your interest with the game’s gameplay trailer below. Overfall is targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux for its initial release, with possible PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and iOS/Android tablet versions to follow after.