See How You Can Forge Your Legend in Dauntless’ New Trailer

Earlier this year, we highlighted Phoenix Lab’s upcoming co-op action RPG Dauntless as quite a promising game indeed, one with brutal, fun, and rewarding combat with some clever monster designs. And now, right before the game gets shown of at E3, a new trailer called “Forge Your Legend” is here to show off yet another unique monster and mode of combat, along with more gameplay in general.

The main things that are showcased in the new clip (seen below) include the Skraev, a new Behemoth wielding frost attacks that’s encountered in icy areas (naturally), the Chain Blades, the game’s fourth weapon class focusing on speed, flurries of attacks, and short range combos, and a look at the game’s hub city along with a peek at armor and weapon customization. Dauntless does indeed seem to be shaping up into a terrific RPG, so keep an eye out for it when it hits the PC later this year, or if you can’t wait, sign up for the beta right now on the game’s official site.