See the Bravely Default II Party Members’ Moves, Stories in Newest Trailer

The final demo for Bravely Default II is available to play now, but it’s not the only way to learn more about the game and its characters. Square Enix released a new trailer this week which shines a spotlight upon several of the recruitable characters. As one would expect, each has their own role to play, but their motivations aren’t exactly uniform. This version of the trailer is entirely in Japanese, but it’s still possible to get a feel for each character. Just turn on captions and set them to auto-translate into English. It won’t be a very clean translation, but one can get the gist of it.

Roddy Grenadine, Lily Grenadine and Galahad Kelly each represent one of several different character classes available in Bravely Default II. Roddy’s class is that of a Red Mage: a powerful spell caster that also appears to have some sword skills as well. Lily Grenadine is Roddy’s wife, and she also appears to be quite strong as a ranged fighter. As for Galahad, his Shield Master class is practically baked into his design. When defense is critical, he’ll probably be the one most players will want to call first.

Bravely Default II launches for Nintendo Switch on February 26. Check out our review of the original to see how this series stacks up against its genre peers.