See the First Thirty Minutes of Heavy Metal Sci-Fi Shooter Valfaris

Running and gunning is all very nice, but running and gunning in a heavy metal sci-fi setting to the sounds of crunching, screaming guitars is the best.  Valfaris is the follow-up game from Steel Mantis after Slain: Back From Hell, and it treads similar ground as its predecessor. While Slain was heavy metal sword and sorcery fantasy, Valfaris is a heavy metal sci-fi run & gun shooter, but both are obviously the work of the same hand.  Dark and gothic settings, big bulky hero, ugly monsters that burst into goo, and all the sharp and pointy trappings of a hostile world of pain are rendered in a detailed pixely style.  The first two levels are shown off in the first gameplay video, and it reveals a gore-soaked trek where the only hope of survival is to make full use of all the weapons.

Therion called Valfaris home before the citadel disappeared, but now it’s back and what used to be a paradise is overrun with vicious space-evil.  The solution to the mystery of the disappearance can only be found in the dark heart of the citadel, though, so Therion grabs sword and pistol to take on everything his old home can throw at him, supplemented by whatever new weapons he can scavenge along the way.  He can use the pistol as much as he likes, but heavier weaponry like the Hellwraith drain the blue energy bar.  Hitting enemies with the sword makes them drop blue spheres that refill the gauge, so the balance of combat becomes one of using the pistol for the standard enemies, the big guns on the tougher ones, and the sword to fill in the gaps.  It looks like a nice combat flow where you can’t just fall back on a single attack, and while none of the guns shown are overly complicated the variety in Valfaris’ thirty weapons should keep the action fresh.

Valfaris is currently scheduled to come out at the end of the year, or possibly early 2019.  Take a look below to see the start of the metal-infused action.