Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Sees a Luscious Pair… of Trailers

One of the downfalls of working for a popular video game website is the fact that personal tastes are displayed for the world to see right under my real name. Thus, really enjoying the Senran Kagura series cannot be a secret pleasure unless I were to be dishonest. I can’t be, though. These games are just so much fun, with silly, self aware plots and some entertaining beat ’em up action. This is why I am unreasonably excited for the series’ take on shooters with the upcoming Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash. Non violent water gun fights made uncomfortable to play in view of another person sounds like the exact kind of escapism that would hit the spot right about now. As the release is coming up soon, Marvelous has treated us to a pair of trailers showcasing what the game is all about. First up is one showcasing the ladies of the Hanzo Academy:

Maybe the dear reader is more of a Gessen Girl’s Academy player. That’s fine. No one is judging. With a game like this, we wouldn’t have the right, anyways. Here it is:

The title is set to release September 26 for the PlayStation 4. As always, wait for a review, but based on my hands on time with the game, there’s ample reason to believe that this will be the breast water gun based third person shooter to ever hit the market, and pretty decent in its own right.