Serious Sam 4 Blesses the Masses with the Firepower of a New Popemobile

The Popemobile is a decent enough car, if all you want to do is sit and wave.  The Pope sits in back, frequently in a bulletproof glass housing, just a passenger on display for the faithful to gaze in loving awe at.  It’s practical, sure, and has a certain utilitarian creativity in its design, but maybe it could be improved.  A few modifications here and there, raise the body, replace the tires, toss in some Advent purple highlights, and now you’ve got a ride.  Admitted, it might be a little hard to wave to the faithful from the new cockpit, but but it’s guaranteed to inspire an entirely different kind of awe even so.  Still, it’s not the kind of thing you can ride around in every day, but with Serious Sam 4 being a flashback to the start of Mental’s invasion of Earth, the popemobile is just the thing for Sam Stone to borrow.

While there hasn’t been too much shown off that we couldn’t already guess about Serious Sam 4, the pending September 24 release means it’s time to start talking about more than the obvious.  We already knew there would be lots of enemies, and the promise of giant maps with hundreds or even thousands of combatants has been mentioned but barely glimpsed, so today’s trailer is a nice peek beyond the “Serious Sam but more” that we’ve gotten so far.  The Popemobile is a beast of a ride, and the new trailer shows off at least one boss that will give it a run for its money.  On top of that there’s a nice giant battle at the end of the trailer with a massive glowing portal in the distance that seems like an obvious goal.  The army between Sam and the portal might normally be a problem, but riding a fully tricked-out Popemobile should even the odds nicely.