Silent Hill, Castlevania Invade Super Bomberman R in Big Bang Grand Prix Trailer

Super Bomberman R was one of the games we were most excited for among the Nintendo Switch lineup as it seemed to be a return to form for the classic franchise, but while we ended up enjoying the game, we were left disappointed by its lack of content. Surprisingly, Konami has been remedying this with an unexpected amount of post-release content. One of the biggest thus far is the addition of the Big Bang Grand Prix, a 3v3 competitive game mode said to be held once ever 100 years to decide who is the strongest in the universe.

To celebrate its release, Konami has released a five minute video detailing the mode and its adorable backstory with guest appearances from famed Konami games Castlevania, Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders.

Check out the trailer below and see why Konami is making it hard for Switch owners not to buy Super Bomberman R: