SkateBird Soaring to Launch with Release Date Trailer

Birds are known for a lot of things, such as being able to fly and drop a surprise poop from a great height.  Skateboarding, on the other hand, isn’t generally one of the first things you’d think of, but the cute little birb in SkateBird manages it just fine.  It’s doing its best to make the Big Friend happy, after all, and if the score multiplier happens to go through the roof with one chained trick after another then that’s a bonus.  Each of the five skate parks is a room or set of rooms from the Big Friend’s home and work life, with ramps, rails and other toys to trick from built out of whatever is lying around.  A bent magazine makes a great half-pipe, grind a string of paperclips over a gap or the edge of a pizza box up a ramp, and chase after goals to open up new areas.  All of this while chilling to the beats of a super-catchy lo-fi soundtrack.

SkateBird has had a busy history, going from promising indie to Kickstarter success and in just a couple of months, full release.  The new trailer just dropped, in fact, promising a release date two months off on August 12.  The little birb has its work cut out for it, skating to make its person happy, but so long as it tries its best most everything should work out just fine.

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