Skylia Prophecy Brings Story-Driven Metroidvania Thrills to Steam

A new Metroidvania is preparing to join the fray as The Skylia Prophecy has finally released on PC and is available in a few different ways. You can pick up the game now via Steam,, or Gamejolt. The Steam version is normally $20, but early birds can get it for $17.99 while the other storefront versions are $15. The Skylia Prophecy has you playing as Mirenia as she tries to vanquish evil after they attack her village in horrific ways. To get her revenge, she’ll vanquish a slew of demons with a wide variety of weapon – including many ways to slice and dice enemies.

The game will take you on a journey throughout various areas, with indoor areas evoking fear while brighter outdoor areas offer up a sense of hope. You’ll use your might for battles and brains for puzzle-solving, with the ability to upgrade your skills and items over time thanks to shopkeeps. It looks quite promising and if you’ve got a hankering for a new Metroidvania to explore with a really dark story to it, give The Skylia Prophecy a shot.