Slain: Back from Hell Trailer Shows Off Revamped Brutal Metal Action

Slain should have been a better game when it launched in March.  It’s been looking amazing in screenshots but the actual release was a bit of a disaster with review scores and player feedback to match.  At that point a developer has two options- 1)  Walk away, lesson learned, or 2)  Patch, patch, patch.  Slain got the second treatment and its updates have been released steadily up to today, when it got the final 2.0 patch and a new name to go with it.  The full title is now Slain: Back from Hell, and it’s got a load of improvements and adjustments to justify the self-aware subtitle addition.

The update includes-  New bosses, an actual end boss, improved hit detection, new moves and abilities, improved controls, improved feedback on when a hit actually lands on an enemy, tons of new sound effects, new background music, fully rewritten dialogue, Steam achievements, new enemies and new attacks for existing enemies, improved checkpoint system, and much, much more.  Basically, Slain is now the game the developer wanted to release in the first place.  Now that the 2.0 update is done and released the next step is porting it to consoles, where it can be judged anew with a fresh set of review scores.  It’s a second life for Slain, and after all it’s been through maybe the game can finally can play as good as it looks.