Smite Making its Way to PlayStation 4

When Smite was originally released on PC, a great deal of MOBA fans found its shift away from a top-down perspective to be refreshing in a genre dominated by League of Legends and Dota 2. Add this to the fact that its Xbox One version is surprisingly outstanding, as the third-person multiplayer title works extremely well on a gamepad, and the result is a game that left positive impressions on tons of players. According to an announcement from Hi-Rez Studios and Sony today, PlayStation 4 players will have the opportunity to get in on the fun in the coming days.

A closed beta for the PlayStation 4 version of Smite: Battleground of the Gods will be making its way to the console early next month, and players can begin signing up to potentially receive codes now by heading to the official page for this port.

In honor of the announcement, Hi-Rez and Sony have released a trailer showing off some of the action that PlayStation gamers can look forward to in the coming months.