Snipperclips is Now a Launch Title for Nintendo Switch

The adorable co-op game, Snipperclips, was shown off during the Nintendo Switch events last month and is officially a launch title for the console. Snipperclips allows you to team up with a partner in order to solve various puzzles and challenges. They may seem simple but you must work together in order to grab far away objects or give someone a boost to reach a goal. You need to cut out pieces of each other’s body and alter them in different ways when necessary.

This new IP from Nintendo looks to be an innovative way to kick off the release of its latest console. Snipperclips will cost $19.99 and is only available through Nintendo eShop. This means the eShop and some other online functions should be up and running with no problems. Snipperclips will also be available at launch in Europe and Japan.

With only a week to go until the release date arrives, we’re still finding out all kinds of exciting information. More updates will come in the near future, so please stay tuned! Check out some of the action in a new video below.


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