Social Deduction RPG Gnosia Now Headed to Steam

Playism recently announced that they’re bringing one the PC’s recent indie hits, Umurangi Generation, over to the Switch. Not one to play favorites, though, they also announced at the same time that they’ll be bringing one of the Switch’s recent indie hits over to the PC via Steam. That would be Gnosia, a single-player social deduction RPG from developer Petit Depotto, and while it did originally come out for the Vita in Japan in 2019, it didn’t get a worldwide release until earlier this year when it arrived on the Switch and garnered lots of positive reviews. And now, Gnosia is setting its sights on winning over PC gamers as well.

Taking place aboard a spaceship, the game sees mysterious life forms known as the Gnosia invading the ship and taking control of various inhabitants, requiring you to figure out just who these killer impostors are, voting them out and sending them to cold sleep. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, the player character is stuck in a series of time loops, and has to work with fellow crew member Setsu in order to figure out exactly what’s going on. With each short round, you gain experience to enhance various stats, which can help you be more convincing…or a better liar, should you be playing as Gnosia. No concrete release date has been announced yet, but Gnosia should be arriving on Steam sometime later this year.