Solas 128 Pulsing to Release with New Trailer

Machines get broken, no matter how well they’re taken care of.  Entropy is a jerk and nothing gets to escape its touch, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be fixed again.  There’s a rot in the system that’s taken out its core but a single emitter still pumps out a signal to a steady beat.  If someone helpful can just guide the beat through the maze, bouncing it around corners and past the glitches in the system, maybe it can power up the node and open a path to the heart of the machine.  Solas 128 is a neon-rhythm puzzler about bouncing a beam of light around a giant interconnected maze, repairing and awakening a corrupted circuit.

At the start each puzzle is a single room, with a handful of angled bouncers to reflect off.  Some can be moved, others flipped, and the correct setup will see the beam make its way to the exit.  Three successful pulses activates the door, and then it’s on to the next room to solve its path. Eventually the rooms start getting more connected, multiple colored beams intersect or interfere with each other, and the path through the glitches gets more convoluted.  The synth soundtrack keeps the stress level down, though, even when two beams from different rooms refuse to play nice with each other.

Solas 128 had a prologue released as a demo back in August, made with levels unique to it and not part of the full game, and it’s still available on Steam.  Now the the rest of the game is just about ready to follow along, with a bigger world that more gently eases the player into its systems, releasing on January 25.  There’s a lot of light-based musical circuitry that needs a bit of repair, and the trailer below gives a hint of the puzzling required to beat back the decay.

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