Sony Charity Promo Features Athletes and… Snoop Dogg?

Sony has teamed up with charitable organizations such as Make-A-Wish, The USO and The V Foundation, to create a charity contest.

PlayStation owners who make purchases through the PlayStation Heroes app are entered into a raffle to play PS4 games with notable names like Shaun White, Olympic snowboarding gold medalist, Steph Curry, point guard and potential MVP for the Golden State Warriors, Yasiel Puig, center fielder for the LA Dodgers, and Snoop Dogg, rapper turned entrepreneur.

Sony released a promo showing off the celebrities as a crime fighting force with powers themed to their specific skills. Except for Snoop Dogg, of course, who they portray as a half-man half-dog beast, most likely because Sony higher-ups couldn’t think of a way to apply super powers to doing illicit drugs and “dropping it like it’s hot” that would line up with the goals of PlayStation Heroes.

The PlayStation Heroes app is available now through PS4, and you can check out the goofy Justice League-esque promo below. Highlights include Snoop Dogg knocking over an armored car and Shaun White murdering a judge for giving him a sub-par score.