Space Invaders Extreme Gets Official Release Date and Launch Trailer

Degica and Taito recently announced a PC version of Space Invaders Extreme, which was all very exciting except for the missing piece of information as to “when”.  That’s no longer a mystery as today sees the announcement of a release date on February 12 with a launch price set at 10% off its $19.99 standard rate.  Originally starting as a Nintendo DS revival of Space Invaders way back in February 2008, SIE was later ported to XBLA by a third-party developer, Backbone Entertainment.  The new version is an all-Taito affair, including a Zuntata soundtrack while sadly losing the Jeff Minter/Llamasoft backgrounds, but the actual shooting is just as it was a decade ago when Space Invaders was revived for its 30th birthday.  Now we’re up to year 40 since the original game set arcades on fire back in 1978, and everything we play and write about today is influenced in some way by that breakout hit.  It’s an anniversary worthy of techno-backed fireworks, making Space Invaders Extreme an exceptionally fitting way to celebrate.