Spiders’ Steelrising Targeting June 2022 Release

Developer Spiders look to be giving themselves a decent amount of time to deliver on their upcoming alternate spin on the French Revolution. Steelrising, the team’s latest action-oriented title, now has its eyes set on a June release in 2022. Announced during today’s Nacon Connect presentation, we also got to see a bit more of a glimpse into how the actual gameplay and user experience is likely to shape up.

Of course, Spiders made certain to include the disclaimer that this is still “Alpha” gameplay, so while not the most fluid — let alone extensive — bit of footage available at present, we did get some brief glances of some of the similarly-automaton enemies you’ll be encountering as well as what appears to be confirmation of a variety of weapons and abilities to incorporate during battle. Topped off with the suggestion of the first of likely many boss fights throughout. Steelrising will release across PS5, Xbox Series X/S & PC.