Splatoon 3 Apparently Heads Beyond Inkopolis and Into Chaos

Those who bet on Breath of the Wild 2 news lost heavily in today’s Nintendo Direct, but as their “one more thing” revealed, they still had a surprising sequel reveal ready, and not one a lot of people seemed to see coming. We first saw glimpses of a desert, then a few wrecked train cars, and then…an Inkling? Yep, it turns out Splatoon 3 is coming out later. And after a new bit of customization – which includes a pet Salmonid – and more bits like a wrecked Eiffel Tower (or Tokyo Tower?) we see our friend hop a train and arrive in what appears to be a brand new locale other than Inkopolis: Splatsville, located in the Splatlands. But the Japanese Splatoon account has some more interesting info concerning this new stomping ground…

For those who need a quick translation, the tweet reads “This is a town called ‘Bunkara Town.’ It is a densely populated area from ancient times, and it seems that it is also called ‘Chaotic City’ because of the crowded buildings of various times. Far from the high collar square, the city seems to have developed rapidly since the final festival a year and a half ago.” Considering the final Splatfest in Splatoon 2 was between Chaos and Order, with Pearl’s Chaos side winning, it might not be all that surprising that Splatoon 3 would be taking a cue from Mad Max in the aftermath, as seen with the game’s new aesthetics.

The trailer ends with a bit of classic gameplay, though, showing us the same turf-based combat we’ve grown to love, but now with even more new weapons and gadgets (including what appear to be crab drones, because of course). Splatoon 3 isn’t due out until 2022, but you can bet a ton of fans are are already anticipating it (and a re already demanding to know who the idol duo this time around is…).