Splatoon 3 Footage Shows Off New Power-Ups, Return of Mammals

Back when Splatoon 3 was first teased, we had a glimpse of life outside of the major Inkopolis area. Now, based on footage from Nintendo Direct’s stream, we know the game explores different areas of the world and the return of mammals.

Through story mode it appears you get to traverse areas of Easter Island and there was even a tease of an inverted, submerged Eiffel Tower. So, this definitely is proof we’re venturing outside the known post-apocalyptic world. One of the Octotrooper enemies has a fur-like coating on its tentacle and touching a mysterious substance turns Inklings into a ball of poof. With the game subtitled as Return of the Mammalians, it appears species are once again evolving. But could this be a new threat to the beloved squids? Callie, Marie and Captain Cuttlefish are back as well and look to assist players in the story.

But, we also got to see some classic Turf War action. Some new abilities were revealed as Inklings were splatting it up at Museum d’Alfonsino and other locations. A protective force field, encased rolling mech and thwipping grapple ink strands are new specials. Plus, some trendy-chic Inkling gear is always cool to look at.

Splatoon 3 is set to release in 2022 but updates will be coming in the meantime. Check out the latest trailer for a look at the action.