Splatoon Global Testfire Makes a Comeback this Summer

While some of the fun may be over for Splatoon, there is still plenty to do. Way back before the game was released, players got a sneak peek of the action with Global Testfire sessions. These allowed folks to check out some maps, weapons, and all kinds of ink-flinging gameplay.

Now, with odd timing, the Splatoon Summer Splatdown will keep that spirit alive. Those who have yet to pick up Splatoon will be able to play online using the Testfire demo. It will begin August 25 and last until August 28 from 3 to 5 PM PST. Based on a promotional trailer for this event it seems newcomers may be able to experience weapons, gear, and stages we weren’t able to play during the initial rounds.

It’s a bit crazy to think Wii U owners haven’t picked up one of Nintendo’s most successful and original new games. Hopefully, this upcoming round of test play will get them hooked! Even if you have played, you can still join in on the fun to show those newbies who’s the freshest.