Splatoon’s Rainmaker Mode Arrives Tomorrow

Hot on the heels of Splatoon’s massive August update, Nintendo has announced that the Wii U game’s latest Ranked Battle mode, Rainmaker, will be available tomorrow night. Joining Splat Zones and Tower Control, Rainmaker has both teams competing for possession of the Rainmaker,  a shiny golden weapon that fires like an Inkzooka. Once one player has broken the shield protecting the gun, they must venture towards the enemy base in order to win the match for their team. In this way Rainmaker is like a new breed of Tower Control, and should offer some intense and exciting Ranked Battle matches when it launches tomorrow night at 7 PM PST.

Rainmaker is also the last piece of free DLC Nintendo announced prior to Splatoon’s release, raising questions about future updates for the wildly popular team-based online shooter. Nintendo’s measured content release schedule has worked wonders for Splatoon, so it will be very interesting to see how the game fares if the Japanese company shifts its focus towards other titles after Rainmaker’s arrival.

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