Even Final Fantasy Now Has Its Own Battle Royale Spin-Off with The First Soldier

If you thought the Battle Royale bandwagon was at all slowing down in current year with more and more developers/publishers attempting to steal a bit of the spotlight, think again. Not only did Square Enix proceed to one-up the main announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s expanded PS5 release, by confirming that there’ll be even more mobile spin-off’s in the beloved JRPG series — a massive surprise to us all — but it turns out one of them is an actual Battle Royale set in VII’s first, primary setting of Midgar.

Set thirty years before the events of the game, you play as a SOLDIER candidate in what is a typical elimination until one player is left standing. Based on the brief teaser below, The First Soldier has all the trappings you’d expect from a Battle Royale. Guns, perks, having to flank your opponent to take them out, as well as the option to team up in groups — helping each other with cover and healing alike. There’s also some of Final Fantasy’s more specific traits too, with what look like summons and even enemy encounters alongside the inevitable PvP moments. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier arrives on iOS and Android devices, sometime later this year.

On top of this, Ever Crisis was the second of the two mobiles games unveiled. Described as an “episodic return…with a nostalgic visual twist”, the game sees Final Fantasy VII revert to its former, overhead, blocky-polygon look via its character models albeit with a slightly more pristine visual fidelity to accommodate current mobile devices. What’s more, it aims to cover the entire breadth of VII’s narrative, including the likes of Advent Children and Crisis Core alike. But in keeping with the gameplay of last year’s remake, Ever Crisis maintains the current focus of real-time combat as opposed to the original’s former turn-based format. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis also finds its way to iOS and Android devices, sometime in 2022. Regardless, a Final Fantasy Battle Royale is what takes the cake here.