Square Enix Releasing Life Is Strange in Japan

Developer Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange will be launching in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, publisher Square Enix has announced.

Life Is Strange protagonist Maxine Caulfield will be voiced by Kumi Tanaka in the Japanese version, while voice actress Lynn will be filling in the role of Chloe Price.

In addition to the voice actresses being revealed for Life Is Strange’s two main characters, Square Enix has dubbed the English launch trailer for Episode 1: Chrysalis with the Japanese cast of the title.

Check out the Japanese trailer below.

Episode 1: Chrysalis, however, has not received an official release date for Japan, nor has Square Enix commented on whether Life Is Strange will be heading to Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Life Is Strange, which was released on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Europe and North America, has sold one million copies worldwide since the episodic series started earlier this year.

Hardcore Gamer’s review for the most recent episode of Life Is Strange, Episode 4: Dark Room, pointed out that there are signs of the title being “a strong candidate for GOTY,” with its powerful ending leaving the developer in a position to “head towards the finish line for Life Is Strange with some serious momentum behind them.”

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